In the same way MedBridge exists to serve surgeons, specialists and ASC staff, our organization thinks creatively and strategically about bettering the community around us. At MedBridge, we understand there’s more to life than turning a profit; our employees and clients also care deeply about the environment, the community, the under-privileged and under-served.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at MedBridge goes beyond charitable giving. Our employees make a difference in our community by giving their time and talents. For example, a dozen or so employees commit an hour and half each week to tutor and mentor at-risk junior high students. MedBridge supports this effort by including this as paid time during the work day.

We believe we are called to be stewards of this earth and its resources. We have invested into technologies and products that significantly reduce our carbon footprint. MedBridge was recently awarded certification by the Green Business Program of Santa Barbara County for these efforts, including the implementation of an alternative transportation program that provides incentives for “green” commuting.

The driving force behind our community engagement is a strong commitment to impact the world around us. While our CSR program includes neighborhood health clinics, homeless services and student athletics, our company has chosen to focus primarily on the environment and education. Preserving our planet and empowering our youth are two ideals that deeply compel us as an organization.

I am excited about the direction we are moving to fulfill our CSR goals and impact the world around us. We welcome your ideas and support along the way.

Best regards,

David W. Odell

President & CEO